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Park City, UT, USA

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I can definitively say my life’s path embraced a different direction in 2017 after attending a 10 day silent meditation experience called Vipassana on the north island of New Zealand. At 30 years old, I started learning about the depths of myself, the power of intention, thoughts, and our strong ability to create our own misery and manifest our own pleasure. Before this experience, I labeled myself as a “happy person,” but what I failed to realize was how unaware and ignorant I was to the emotions of life and lacked the confidence to express what I was feeling. It was like I had yet to learn the language of emotions, feelings, and self expression, which is so commonly omitted in the upbringing of boys and men in our society.


Soon after, I serendipitously stumbled across a Wim Hof ​​Method workshop at a yoga studio on the north island of New Zealand as the immediate benefits of a short, yet powerful breathwork session, mindset training and cold plunge imprinted a further deviation on my path. A couple years went by as I continued my personal Wim Hof ​​Method practice, before becoming a certified instructor by Wim Hof ​​in the Fall of 2019 and remaining active in my teachings. The start of 2022 ushered in a new phase of breathwork learning as I traveled the Netherlands twice in my path to becoming a Masterful Breathwork coach, certified by Kasper van der Meulen, the leading coach, teacher and trainer in breathwork space. Like Kasper, I am passionate about science, earning a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from Colorado State University, and understand,

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Physical, Online


Masterful Breath Coach – Level 3

Wim Hof ​​Method Instructor – Level 2

Bacholar Science – Sports Medicine – Colorado State University


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Athletics, Emotional work, Fear and anxiety, Pain reduction, Sports

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