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Bilthoven, Nederland

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Jerry Mattox, 30, USA.

My Coaching practice stems from a desire to give others the support that I would have valued in my own journey of transformation. I intimately know the resistance one may face and how lonely it can be when we want better for ourselves but don’t feel we have support. Overcoming childhood obesity and ADHD in a challenging environment led me to a variety of practices that help me feel whole, most notably breathwork.

What I offer you is an open heart free from judgement that is ready to give presence for your own journey. In addition to breathwork experiences and sessions, I also offer my knowledge of: breathwork, yoga, mindfulness, psychedelics, kettlebell training, diet and exercise, fasting, cold exposure, open-relating and a general love for “Re-wilding”. 




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Liberal Arts and Science Degree, Kirkwood College.

Bachelor’s of Communications studies, University of Iowa.

250 he Yoga Teacher Training conducted in India.

Experienced in Heart IQ 

Breathwork Masterclass Level 3 with Kasper Van Der Meulen.

Well studied and practiced in psychedelics/plant medicine. 

Lovingly open-relating (ethical non-monogamy) for 7 years, an education money can’t buy. 






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Groningen, Netherlands

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Depression, Emotional work, Fear and anxiety, Quit smoking, Sexual disorder, Transformations, Trauma release, Weight loss, Yoga teacher

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