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Berlijn, Duitsland

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Hi I am Julian. 


In 2017, I started looking for something to make me more stress-resistant and healthier. Why? Because I kept myself moderately to insufficiently healthy for my age and simply wanted more energy.

My view outside the box allows me to realize it is never too early or too late to change your demands and ask “why” I want to achieve this or that.

I learned a lot about training, movement, biohacking, physiotherapy, osteopathy, and manual therapy, etc. but one of the biggest hacks for me has been Breathwork.

Breathwork includes many beautiful ways for me to feel more depth and to learn different states through various techniques.

It offers as many possibilities as, for example, to pursue a certain intention or to lose yourself completely at the moment and enjoy the flow!

In addition, you can use Breathwork to deal with individual concerns: be it emotional problems such as anxiety and stress, be it to want to be stronger and more resistant, be it to want to boost your immune system out of an injury or illness. 

With all my experience and knowledge as well as my intuition, I try to help whenever it is asked and as a very wise woman said to me:

Leave a sparkle wherever you are!


(My Little sister always said that! 😉 )



Much love ❤️ – Julian


One on my favorite quotes:

Know all the theories

Master all the techniques

And as you touch a human soul

– be just another human soul ✨

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– Breathful Mastercoach Lvl. 2 & 3 – Physiotherapy- Manual therapy/ Neurovasculary therapy/ Osteopathy techniques- Athletic coach/ Neuro based training- Strength training


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Regensburg, Deutschland

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Athletics, Burnout, Depression, Emotional work, Fear and anxiety, Olympic sports, Osteopath, Pain reduction, Pathology, Sports

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