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Sofia, Bulgaria

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I love nature. Being outdoors in the mountains means more of nature for me. I truly enjoy walking barefoot on the cold ground, breathing the sweet thin mountain air on the mountain tops, and warming myself by the campfire. This makes me observe, feel, connect with nature and myself more deeply. Nature makes me self-conscious and aware of my feelings and thoughts. And there I go further outside to go further inside.


Nature is a way to consciousness, consciousness is a way to nature.


The breath is nature too, such a beauty. I absolutely love the breath and I have observed it in other people even before I knew there was such a thing as breath practices and techniques. I am fascinated by people and their breath. It can create a very deep form of connection. Between you and me. And most importantly between you and yourself.


Let’s connect. Let’s find out not only what might be needed, but also what could be too much in your own universe. Nature and breath specifically have given me consciousness. They have healed me physically and continue to heal me emotionally. Healing is not a specific moment, not even a period of time. It is a way of living. Let’s enable nature to do that for you too.


In One on One sessions you would benefit from the individual approach, but the group work has its own magic power too.


What do you need? I am water for you. Let’s be water together my friend. And breath. Let’s be nature.

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Physical, Online


My own experience!  🙂

– 20 kinds of sports, dances, and other movement practices, including ultra-endurance disciplines

– extended fasting and conscious eating patterns

– a variety of cold immersions

– never stopping to experiment and learn



Masters degree in Economics (Diplom Volkswirt) – University of Mannheim in Germany and various stints with prestigious academic institutions, public and private sector companies


Now: (Courses – Trainer/School)

Wim Hof Method; Wim Hof Fundamentals – Wim Hof Method

The Language of Breath – Jesse Coomer

Art of Breath; Skill of Stress; Breathing Mechanics; Nasal Development  – Shift//Adapt, Brian Mackenzie

Breathwork Fundamentals; Advanced Fundamentals – O2 collective, Dan Brule

Breathing Science – Online  Breathing  Academy, Peter Litschfield

Certified YOGABODY Breathing Coach – Yoga Teacher’s College, part of Yoga Alliance

Certified The Breathing Class Coach – Belissa VranichCertified Masterful Breathcoach Level 1, 2, 3  –  Breathwork Masterclass, Kasper van der Meulen


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Sofia, Bulgaria

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Allergy, Athletics, Depression, Emotional work, Sports, Transformations, Weight loss

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