Breathing techniques are a powerful way to influence your state of being. But this also means that the effects can be quite strong. For every breathing technique, take the following into account:

  • You are the pilot, not the passenger! You are always in control of your breath, if anything does not feel right, don’t force it, simply adjust to a version that suits you.
  • Do the breathing techniques while sitting down or laying down in a safe and soft place like on a meditation cushion, yoga mat or in bed.
  • NEVER practice these breathing techniques while commandeering a vehicle or while you are in water (bath, pool, etc). These techniques are not meant for diving.
  • You might feel a dizzy or tingling sensation in your body. If this is pleasant: enjoy! If this feels unpleasant, simply do the technique less deep or less fast until you feel better.
  • With some of the breathing techniques you might feel strong emotions come to the surface. If you are ready to work with these emotions, simply let them flow. Otherwise, again practice the technique in a gentler way.
  • If you have any medical conditions, and specifically if you are familiar with any of the health conditions listed below, consult your physician before doing any of these techniques. Pregnancy, epilepsy or history of seizures, cardiovascular conditions, Severe respiratory issues like COPD or severe asthma, high blood pressure, severe PTSD or trauma. 

If you notice that the techniques are challenging to you, or if you would like personal guidance in getting the most out of your breath, consider working with one of our Masterful Breath Coaches through the link.

Have fun, be safe and please email us any questions or remarks!

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